Press release: Bamberg Social Foundation links care, business and science – foundation stone laid for Sancura Park

“There are already around 270,000 people living with dementia in Bavaria – by 2040, the number will rise to around 380,000,” Holetschek said. “So we urgently need offers for people in need of care with gerontopsychiatric illnesses. The project that the Bamberg Social Foundation is implementing on the Lagarde campus is exemplary because 118 modern care places are being created here with specialized care for people with dementia, including those with challenging behavior. The money we are investing in the project through our ‘PflegesoNah’ funding program is very well spent.” Around 7.1 million euros in funding from the Free State of Bavaria is going into the project.

Europe Minister Melanie Huml (3rd from right) and Health and Care Minister Klaus Holetschek (2nd from right) were present at the laying of the foundation stone for the project.

In order for Bamberg to continue to assert itself as a healthcare location, it needs the development and research of new approaches and technologies in the fields of medicine and care, as well as the networking of the many different players. “In order to be able to ensure good healthcare and nursing care for people in the future, we need innovative solutions,” Huml said. Digitalization offers enormous opportunities. “From fall detectors or stove-top sensors at home to therapy robots and telemedicine, modern technology can provide relief. However, it is also clear that we cannot and do not want to replace people, but rather create more safety and more space for human attention. In this respect, I see SancuraPark with its Medical Valley Center and Dementia Center as a driving force for the entire region.”

The SancuraPark creates a unique togetherness, a symbiosis of care and innovation. “The Quartiershaus and the Medical Valley Center Bamberg create unique cooperation opportunities for the development and testing of innovative and, above all, practical care solutions,” says Walter Märzendorfer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Medical Valley “I am convinced that close cooperation between the care facility and development teams using state-of-the-art technologies will succeed in increasing both the quality of life of those in need of care and the attractiveness of jobs in care, thus helping to solve the growing problems in this field!”

As the developer of the SancuraPark, the Sozialstiftung Bamberg would like to continue providing medical and nursing care in the region at the most modern level in the future and in the long term. “With integrated healthcare, Sozialstiftung Bamberg already offers a forward-looking concept that serves as a role model – the hospital covers inpatient care, while the practices and outpatient clinics cover a broad spectrum of outpatient care,” explains Xaver Frauenknecht, Chairman of the Board. SancuraPark is an example of innovation in action: “In addition to the care places for people with dementia, we create a variety of outpatient support services for the residents of the neighborhood,” says Frauenknecht. “At the same time, Medical Valley Center Bamberg will become an important location for innovative companies in the healthcare industry.”

Sancura Park
Five floors on a footprint of 8,600 square meters, a total floor area of 37,800 square meters and plenty of greenery on the roof – that’s what SancuraPark is supposed to look like.

Progress and a focus on the future are also reflected in the overall project on the Lagarde site in the form of an ambitious energy strategy by Stadtwerke Bamberg. The SancuraPark implements this concept with a variety of measures: Walkable roof gardens create green spaces, six courtyards provide sufficient daylight, and photovoltaic installations on the roof of the Medical Valley Center will generate electricity for pumps that extract usable heat from the environment. “The innovative and sustainable concept for heat and mobility on the Lagarde underscores that Bamberg is not only thinking historically, but also with an eye to the future,” said Jonas Glüsenkamp, second mayor of the city of Bamberg. “The Medical Valley Center is an important building block in our goal picture!”

The Dementia Center

With the Quartiershaus, a new dementia center with 118 places is being built, which will ensure care and nursing for citizens with dementia in the city area and expand the range of services.

The Dementia Center is a permanent care facility in the elderly care sector. By means of an innovative nursing and care concept, persons with dementia are also enabled to live in the greatest possible normality and closeness to everyday life in the form of residential groups. There will be four apartments on each of three floors, each with ten residents. Dementia-sensitive architecture, preparations for intelligent technical assistance systems and supportive robotics allow care and support in line with the latest findings and technical possibilities. Many common areas will provide active interaction among residents, visitors and caregivers.

To support the integration of the permanent care facility in the neighborhood, a neighborhood office will complement the services offered. From here, support services are offered to residents in the neighborhood and civic engagement is encouraged.

The Medical Valley Center Bamberg

As of May 31, 2019, Bamberg is also a location of the Medical Valley of the European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg. Several high-profile projects are working here on forward-looking innovations in the healthcare industry and act as an international magnet for companies in the sector.

The emerging center opens up a perfect environment for resident and interested companies as well as startups to validate their business ideas and gain market access. Here, 16,000 square feet of leasable space will be allocated to healthcare companies and public utilities. On the one hand, citizens can visit specialist practices here and obtain medicines and aids from pharmacies and medical supply stores. On the other hand, companies working on health issues will find modern office space here. The companies that offer products and services for better health in the Medical Valley Center Bamberg will also continue to develop them and have direct contacts for this next door.

The first companies of Medical Valley Bamberg since 2019 are the Digital Health Application Center (dmac), the Mobile Health Lab of the Fraunhofer Institute, the HTK Hygiene Technology Competence Center, the Skills Lab of the Bamberg Academies and most recently IFOHRA since 2021.

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Key data and equipment

SancuraPark is expected to be completed in 2025 and has excellent transport links on the Berliner Ring. The building’s modern mobility concept includes around 570 parking spaces in the parking garage, electric charging stations, car-sharing spaces and parking spaces for bicycles. Passenger and freight elevators are available. With its central AHU, SancuraPark will become part of Germany’s largest inner-city geothermal field. The main energy sources are heat pumps and solar. SancuraPark will feature a landscaped courtyard and an accessible green roof area.

The Bamberg Social Foundation

With around 5,200 employees, Sozialstiftung Bamberg is one of the largest health and social service providers in Bavaria with a non-profit mission: With its medical, therapeutic, nursing and care services, it ensures high-quality care for people in the Bamberg region. The Bamberg Social Foundation includes, among others, the Bamberg Clinic, saludis – Center for Rehabilitative Medicine, the Bamberg Center for Senior Citizens and the Bamberg Academies for Health Professions. The Sozialstiftung Bamberg combines a high level of professional competence with human attention. In this way, it creates an environment in which patients, residents, customers and employees feel they are in good hands.