How Do Ethics Get Into The App?

Innovation is the driving force of our economy and often brings unexpected added value to our society. Innovations, such as new medicine and vaccines, also play a major role in the healthcare sector. Essentially, innovation has made our lives longer, healthier and more convenient. But not every innovation is desirable. Examples of such innovations – where several parties involved in the innovation process are unaware of the long-term negative consequences for society – are the use of pesticides in agriculture or the use of asbestos to insulate buildings.

DIGA Mid-Term Conclusion: Think Of The Gatekeepers, Too!

When the Digital Health Care Act (DVG) came into force just over two years ago, many hopes were pinned on digital health applications (DiGA). But practice shows that even if the bureaucratic hurdles have been overcome, in the end the “vote with the prescription pad” often goes against DiGA – a mandate for the industry to adapt its approach more to the needs of prescribing physicians.

DIGA: United in Benefit

The Digital Care Act opened the door for more digitization in healthcare by making the “app on prescription” prescribable. However, in order to increase the acceptance of DiGAs, health insurers, physicians, DiGA manufacturers and associations are calling for improvements in the approval process. The results show that the players involved are surprisingly close to each […]

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